Monday, January 3, 2011

"Leave Your Baggage Outside The Door Of Your Workplace II!"

If you are still having problems outside of your job, I admonish you to leave those problems outside of your job! Do everyone a big favor and then adjust your attitude before you enter your job! Pray before you enter your job that God will not allow your issues to distract you from your work and getting along with your co-workers! It's not their fault that you are in a very bad mood!!!Give them a break! Cut them some slack! Misery does not love company...especially in the workplace!!!
Do not bring your drama into the workplace! The workplace has enough drama!!! Keep your drama out of the workplace!!! You don't even like your drama...or do you? Anyway the workplace is no place for personal drama and if you do not like your drama what makes you think other people will?
Your co-workers are also experiencing drama in their lives! Do you want to hear details about their issues (drama)? Of course not!
Leave your baggage outside of your job! Take a break from your issues and your drama at work! After you complete your work, go home and solve your problems!!! Do not allow your bad moods to cause negativity in the work place! Who want to work in a negative work environment when you can work in a positive work environment?
I admonish yoy to leave your baggage outside of the door your job and make the workplace a better place for everyone!!!
Do you have a co-workers who bring their baggage into the workplace? then refer them to this blog, for goodness sake!!!
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